Detroit Rose Society


R. setigera

    The Detroit Rose Society chose Rosa setigera as its       

     official logo.  Also known as the Michigan Rose and

     the Prairie Rose, settlers would have found it

     brightening the landscape of southeastern Michigan

     and Essex County, Ontario when it bloomed above

     thickets in the summer.

     This tall arching rose has blooms that range in shade

     from almost white to dark pink. It is seldom cultivated

     in modern gardens and it's natural habitat is being lost

     to urban sprawl.  Even though it is very hardy

     and relatively disease resistant, modern hybrid

     roses have offered more in terms of repeat blooms,

     longer lasting blooms and less suckering.

     Like R. setigera, the Detroit Rose Society remains

     hardy and its members dot the southeastern Michigan

     and Ontario, Canada landscape with colorful rose


                                                         D. M. Schrift

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